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22/03/2021 L'archevêque Vigano veut-il être responsable de multiples morts ?

Dans l'interview faite par Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten et que nous republions ici, l'archevêque italien Carlo Maria Vigano, ancien nonce du Pape, reprend à son compte les thèses les plus extrêmes des conspirationniste. Selon lui le virus Covid 19 est quasiment inoffensif. Il s'agit selon lui d'une invention des Etats profonds, mais aussi de l'Etat du Vatican profond, pour rétablir leurs pouvoirs face aux critiques qui se généralisaient.


Interview given by His Excellency  Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò  To “Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten”[1]

March 8, 2021  

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten:Your Excellency, how are you personally living the crisis of the Corona virus?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: My age, my status as Archbishop, and my habit of a withdrawn life are perhaps not representative of what the majority of people are undergoing; nevertheless, for a year now I myself have been unable to travel, to visit people who need a word of comfort. In the presence of a true pandemic I would have no problem accepting willingly the decisions of the civil and ecclesiastical authorities, because I would recognize their desire to protect people from contagion. But in order for there to be a pandemic, it requires first of all isolating the virus; it requires that the virus is serious and that it is not possible to cure it promptly; it requires that the victims of the virus represent a large segment of the population. We know instead that SARS-CoV-2 was never isolated but only sequenced; that it is able to be cured over time, using available treatments, and that instead the WHO and local health officials have boycotted such treatments by imposing absurd protocols and experimental vaccines; that the number of deceased people in 2020 is absolutely in line with the median number of deceased from the preceding years. These data are now admitted by the scientific community, even though the media remain conspiratorially silent about them.

What we have witnessed is a plan that is not at all scientific, and that ought to arouse universal indignation. We know, by the admission of those involved, that this pseudo-pandemic was planned for years primarily by weakening national health systems and pandemic plan.We know that a very specific script was followed that was conceived in order to give the same response in every country and to streamline diagnoses, hospitalizations, treatments, and above all containment measures and the information being given to citizens on the global level. There is a directorate that continues to manage COVID-19 with the single purpose of forcibly imposing limitations on natural liberties, constitutional rights, free enterprise and work. 

The problem is not COVID in itself, but the use of what has happened in order to accomplish the Great Reset that the World Economic Forum announced some time ago and that today is being implemented point by point, with the intention of making social changes inevitable that would otherwise be rejected and condemned by the majority of the population. Since democracy, whose praises were sung as long as it was controlled thanks to the influence of the media, would not have permitted this social engineering project desired by the globalist elite, the threat of a pandemic was required – presented as devastating by the mainstream media – in order to convince the global population to undergo confinements and lockdowns – that is, real house arrest – the canceling of activities, the suspension of school lessons and even a ban on worship; and all this was obtained with the complicity of all those involved, in particular political leaders, health officials, and even the ecclesiastical hierarchy itself

The resulting damage, which is still ongoing, has been enormous and, in many instances, irreparable. I feel an unspeakable torment in thinking of the devastating consequences of the way this pandemic has been managed: families destroyed, children and young people affected in their psycho-physical equilibrium and deprived of their right to socialization, elderly people left to die alone in nursing homes, patients with cancer and serious diseases completely neglected, entrepreneurs forced into bankruptcy, the faithful denied the Sacraments and the possibility of attending Mass.... But these are the effects of a war, not of a seasonal flu syndrome that, if treated in time, has a 99.7% survival rate in those not affected by a previous condition. And it is significant that, in this mad rush towards the abyss, the basic principles of a healthy life are also ignored in order to weaken our immune system: we are confined at home, we are kept away from the light of the sun and fresh air, so that we can passively suffer the media terrorism of television.

With what severity will they be judged who have knowingly prohibited treatment and prescribed blatantly erroneous protocols in order to obtain a number of deaths that would legitimize social alarm and absurd containment measures? What punishment awaits those who deliberately created the conditions for a global economic and social crisis in order to destroy small and medium-sized enterprises and make multinational corporations grow; who boycotted or forbade available cures in order to favor the pharmaceutical companies; who presented gene serums as vaccines, subjecting the population to an experiment with still-unknown results and side effects that are certainly more serious than the symptoms of COVID; who favored the apocalyptic narrative in the seats of Parliament and in the editorial offices of the media? And the highest levels of the Catholic Hierarchy which have been complicit in this grotesque farce: how will they justify themselves before God, when they appear in His presence to be judged?

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten:In a letter that you sent to then-President of the United States Donald Trump, you alluded not only to a “Deep State” – a term that has become widely used – but also to a “Deep Church.” Can you explain this?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: The expression “deep state” conveys very well the idea of a parallel power, deprived of legitimacy but nevertheless operating in public affairs for the pursuit of particular interests. The deep state promotes the advantage of the elite against the common good that the State has the duty to promote. In the same way, we cannot fail to recognize that in the last few decades a similar power has been consolidated in the ecclesial sphere, which I have called the deep church, which places the pursuit of its own interests against the purposes of the Church of Christ herself, first and foremost the salus animarum

Thus, just as in public affairs there are hidden powers that guide the decisions of governments and follow the globalist agenda, in the Catholic Church there is a very powerful lobby that usurps the authority of the Hierarchy with the same purposes. In substance, both State and Church are occupied by an illegitimate power that has their destruction and the establishment of the New World Order as its final goal. And we are not talking about conspiracy theories or political fantasy: it is proven by what happens right before our very eyes, to the point that the Secretary General of the United Nations recently affirmed that the virus was used to suppress dissent. 

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten:To what extent is there overlap between the deep state and the deep church, at least in the Western world? 

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: The overlap between the deep state and the deep church takes place on several fronts. The first is undoubtedly at the ideological level: the revolutionary, anti-Catholic and essentially Masonic matrix of globalist thought is the same, and not just since 2013. To be honest, it would be sufficient to consider the significant temporal concomitance between the celebration of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council and the birth of the so-called Student Movement: the doctrinal and liturgical “aggiornamento” represented a propulsive thrust for the new generations that had immediate repercussions in the social and political sphere. 

The second front lies in the internal dynamics of the deep state and the deep church: both of them count among their members people who are deviant, not only intellectually and spiritually but also morally. The sexual and financial scandals that have involved very high members of both politics and institutions and also of the Catholic hierarchy demonstrate that the corruption and vice are on the one hand an element that unites them, and on the other hand an effective deterrent, by reason of the common blackmail to which all of them are subjected. The perversions of noted politicians and prelates force them to obey the globalist agenda even when their collaboration appears unreasonable, reckless, or contrary to the interests of citizens and the faithful. This is why there are rulers who at the orders of the elite destroy the economy and the social fabric of their nation; this is why, spectacularly, there are cardinals and bishops who propagate gender theory and false ecumenism, thereby giving scandal to Catholics: both of them are carrying out the interests of their master, betraying their mission of service to the nation or the Church.

On the other hand, the plan for the establishment of the New World Order cannot fail to give itself a universal religion of Masonic inspiration, at the head of which there must be a religious leader who is ecumenical, pauperist, ecological, and progressive. Who would be better suited for this role than Bergoglio for this role, receiving the applause of the elite and the foolish enthusiasm of the masses indoctrinated into the idolatrous cult of the pachamama?

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten:What evidence or indications are there for this?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: I think that the clearest demonstration occurred precisely in conjunction with the pandemic. The prostration of the highest levels of the Hierarchy before the insane management of the COVID emergency – an emergency artfully provoked and shamelessly amplified by the media all over the world – came to the point of banning liturgical celebrations even before the civil authority requested it; to prohibiting the administration of the Sacraments even to the dying; to ratifying the mainstream narrative with surreal ceremonies, repeating ad nauseam the entire Newspeak lexicon: resilience, inclusivity, “nothing will be as it was before,” new Renaissance, Build Back Better, and so on; to promoting as a “moral duty” a genetic serum produced with fetal material coming from abortions which is still under experimentation and whose long-term effects are unknown. And not only that: with the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” promoted by globalist leaders – among whom Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild stands out  with the participation of the Vatican, official ratification has been given to the Great Reset by the World Economic Forum, including universal income and the ecological transition. At Santa Marta they are also beginning to talk about trans-humanism, obstinately ignoring the antichristic nature of this ideology in order to show themselves obsequious to the dictatorship of aligned thought. All this is horrifying, and one wonders how much longer the Lord will tolerate such an affront from his ministers.

On the other hand, the obsessive insistence on Malthusian ecologism has led to the appointment of notoriously anti-Catholic individuals to the Pontifical Academy for Life, advocates of demographic decline through sterilization, abortion and euthanasia. All of them, under the guidance of a prelate of proven Bergoglian fidelity, have completely overturned the aims of the Academy founded by John Paul II, providing the dominant ideology with authoritative and prestigious support like that of the one who, even as he usurps it, holds authority in the Catholic Church. It is not surprising that Professor Walter Ricciardi, one of the so-called “experts” who advocated the lockdown in Italy and the use of masks to the bitter end, in the absence of any scientific evidence of their effectiveness and against the recommendations of the WHO, was recently added as a member of the Academy. Yesterday the news came that the mediator of Chinese supply contracts for the COVID emergency in Italy, Mario Benotti, was recommended by Cardinal Pietro Parolin who from the interceptions of the judiciary seems to have also intervened in other affairs in relation to Alessandro Profumo, Leonardo Spa's CEO [managing director], who according to Benotti could be replaced by the Commissioner Domenico Arcuri.

All of this reveals the collaboration of the deep state and the deep church in an ugly combination whose purpose is to destroy national sovereignties on the one hand and the divine mission of the Church on the other. Disturbing connections are emerging with the American electoral fraud, with the virus created in the Wuhan laboratory, and finally with the commercial relationships of the Chinese dictatorship, the primary supplier of masks (which is not compliant with CE norms) to Italy and many other nations. It seems to me that we have gone far beyond mere clues. 

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten: An objection from those who reject something like a conspiracy theory would be: How is it possible that in almost every country of the world almost all the politicians are participating in this game? Who could they have so much power and influence that they could send half the world into isolation?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: I will respond to you with an example. The Church is a supra-national institution, present all over the world with dioceses, parishes, communities, convents, universities, schools, and hospitals. All of these entities take their orders from the Holy See, and when the Pope orders a prayer or a fast, all the Catholics of the world obey; if a dicastery of the Roman Curia gives directives, all the Catholics of the world follow them. Control is widespread and immediate, thanks to an efficient hierarchical structure. The same thing also happens in nations, limited within national borders: when the legislator legislates, the bodies in charge execute laws. 

The deep state and the deep church also operate in a similar fashion: both of them make use of a strongly hierarchical structure, in which the “democratic” component is practically absent. Orders are given from on high and those who receive them execute them immediately, with the knowledge that disobedience can lead to professional failure, social condemnation, and in certain cases even physical death. This obedience comes from blackmail: I promote you, I give you power, I make you become rich and famous, but in exchange you must do what I tell you to do. If you obey and show that you are faithful, your power and your riches increase; if you disobey, you are finished. I imagine that German readers will spontaneously think of Goethe's Faust

The politicians who govern nations today are all, with rare exceptions, part of the deep state. If not, they would not be where they are. Let's think about the case of the American presidential elections last November 3: since President Trump was not considered to be aligned with the prevailing thought, it was decided to oust him with an electoral fraud of unheard of proportions, against the will of the people. The legal processes underway in the United States are confirming the fraud and irregularity, and in the coming months I believe that other proofs of this scam will emerge which, coincidentally, brought a Democratic progressive Catholic to the White House who is perfectly aligned with the agenda of the Great Reset. On closer inspection, the resignation of Benedict XVI and the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio seem to respond to the same dynamics and to have been orchestrated by the same power lobby.

Also in Germany, from what I have heard, news is coming out that demonstrates that data was falsified in the management of the pandemic in such a way as to legitimize the violation of the rights of citizens. And despite the worrisome number of people with adverse side effects or who have died following the so-called vaccine, the constant drumbeat continues about the obligation to be vaccinated, even though it is now evident that this does not guarantee immunity and that it will not prevent either the need for social distancing nor the obligation to wear masks.

There are reasons to believe that the management of COVID was organized under a single direction and with a single script. Just a few days ago the governor of the state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, admitted that he had received directions to admit elderly people to nursing homes – elderly people who died as a result of erroneous therapeutic protocols, intubated and forced on ventilators – from the Imperial College of London, financed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. And, coincidentally, the sponsorships of the American “philanthropist” involve many national realities – including governments – which find themselves economically dependent on a private person who theorizes the depopulation of the planet by means of a pandemic.  

You ask me: Who could have so much power and so much influence that they would be able to send half the world into isolation? Someone who has enormous resources at their disposal, such as some well-known personalities like Bill Gates and George Soros; someone who is able to finance the WHO itself, steering its decisions and amassing very high profits, since he is also a shareholder of the pharmaceutical companies. 

Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten: In your open letter to then-President Donald Trump, you spoke about a clash between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. If you now look at the year 2020, how has this confrontation developed up until now?

Archbishop C. M. Viganò: As always happens in earthly affairs, the war between good and evil, between the children of light and the children of darkness, always appears to sway in favor of the latter. Satan, who is princeps huius mundi, has many very organized followers and an infinite number of servants. Vice-versa, the good seem numerically inferior and poorly organized, often anonymous and almost always deprived of any power or economic means which would permit them to act with the same effectiveness as their enemies. But it has always been this way, because the victory does not belong to good people, but to Christ. Ego vici mundum: It is I who have conquered the world, Our Lord admonishes us. We give our poor contribution, at times even heroic, but without the grace of God we cannot do anything: sine me nihil potestis facere. 

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